I have tried a number of times to communicate with Ford both here in South Africa and with Ford International.

I asked them who at Ford would be responsible for Land Rover regarding issues relating to build quality, customer service,

and the contents of this site. I also asked if they could put me in touch with the Ford Premier Automotive Group. Here is the reply from Ford International customer service:-

As previously communicated to you, Land Rover is a business partner of
Ford Motor Company. They are however, managed independently of Ford
Motor Company. As a separate entity unto their own, Land Rover's
management is still responsible for the day to day operations of the
company and the enforcement of other company policies, procedures and

All issues of dealer and mechanical concerns are directed to Land Rover
and not Ford Motor Company. This will be our last written communication
to you on this issue as we feel it was appropriately addressed in our
prior responses.

Joel, we encourage and welcome you to communicate with us again via
e-mail should you have a different issue or inquiry regarding a Ford
product or service.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

Many of us have been hoping that the new Ford influence would sort out the various issues that many LR owners have

experienced, this seems to not be the case. For better or for worse when BMW owned Land Rover you were always able to contact

BMW to discuss various issues and concerns and they seemed to have some influence. Based on the above email I am not sure what role

Ford will be playing in the future of Land Rover.