May 2002 Update

Besides a further recall relating to the ABS ECU and the acclerator cable, we experienced the following further
problems with the car.

Leaking exhaust manifold first the right side and then left side a few weeks later.

Steering wheel centred but car has better turning circle to the left than to the right. Each time the car went
in they just moved the problem to the other side. After 4 visits this was eventually corrected.

Noisy rear suspension when going over bumps in the road, fixed for a while but back again.

Coolant leaking from near throttle body, new throttle body fitted.

Severe shudder under braking, front discs found to be faulty, three times.

Coolant loss, radiator replaced.

Warning lights on dashboard keep on coming on for no reason.

Broken engine mounting.

One headlight keeps on poping out of its mounting on bumpy roads.

Late 2002

Exhaust manifold gasket needs replacing again

Bakelite filled catalytic converter needs replacing

ABS,TC etc. warning lights continue to illuminate, ABS modulator and wheel sensor replaced