Just so you don't get lonely. Here is my tale of superior British design, engineering and quality control.

The (my) Range Rover Experience(s): I've had a Differential burn up, all Fuses blow (I carried spares and used 3-5 a week), no Power Seats or Windows, various pieces of Trim fall off, Side Lights pop out, Oil Oil Oil everywhere ö all the time, thumping, grinding, vibrating Engine noises, no Heat, no AC, no Heat or AC to the rear passengers, Remote Entry Key only works sometimes, ABS failure, Traction Control failure, various Control Buttons and Knobs fall off, Center Cubby Cover break, Rear Ashtray break, Transmission failure and replacement and failure and replacement, Tail Gate squeaks and rusted, HVAC was designed NOT to work on Automatic mode, Built in Garage Door Opener only works sometimes, Brakes squeak all the time, Wind Screen Washer leaks, a Gas Tank that I couldn't fill past 3/4, Cruise Control failure, Engine overheating over 40 mph, Trip Computer malfunctions, Audio System failures, Rear View Mirrors that shake and shake and shake, Weather Striping falling off, Remote Seat/Mirror Settings that never worked, Brake Pedal squeaks, Sun Roof squeaks, Air Suspension malfunctions, Break Lights that stayed on continually and, to add insult to injury -- a "built in" Cup Holder that is such an outrageous nonfunctional joke that Land Rover of North America actually supplies all new owners with a nasty little 99¢ aftermarket clip-on cup holder as a part of their "Welcome to the Family -- This Will Look Really Great in Your Brand New $67,000 Range Rover" promotional package. However, not counting the design, engineering, quality control and reliability issues -- I really do love these vehicles.

The one time (when my Differential toasted in Baton Rouge, LA ö 100 miles from a Rover Dealer and 800 miles from home) that I had to deal with LRNA it was a total fiasco. Days waiting in a hotel while they repaired my Rover. No help. No apology. No expense money. No loaner. "Its part of the Range Rover Experience." If that's part of the "experience," they should probably change their ad slogan to "A Truly Exceptional Piece of Crap"

I've read a lot of owners saying that it's a "quality control" problem and Ford is going to fix it. Bull****. These are fundamental problems with the design and engineering of the vehicle. Forget about quality control. There is no "quality" to control. Given BMW's experience and dismal results, if Ford has any impact at all its going to take 4-5 years. And those people that talk about the "superior off road ability" of the Range Rover. Bull**** again. I'm happy when it just gets me to work without incident. I would be to petrified to venture into the wilderness without a tow truck in close pursuit.

As for the Discovery in all it's feeble incarnations. As any Range Rover owner will tell you ö we get to drive the Discovery all the time. Its the loaner that we get stuck with when our Range Rovers are in the shop (which is often). Man, talk about JUNK. Actually, SLOW UGLY POOLY DESIGNED JUNK. Admittedly, I'm only familiar with the Lexus RX 300 and Jeep, but these vehicles kick the Discovery's butt. While the Range Rover tries to lay claim to a unique spot in the SUV feeding chain, it boggles my mind as to why anyone would ever buy a Discovery when there are so many far superior (and reliable) competitors out their to choose from.
These vehicle are simply garbage. And let's not forget resale value. If you keep your vehicles 3 years or less like I do, you're looking at the WORST RESALE VALUE OF ANY SUV (See Motortrend and Kelly). See the 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 JD Powers Owners Survey. Range Rover = THE WORST FIT AND FINISH, THE WORST RELIABILITY and THE WORST OVERALL OWNER SATISFACTION INDEX OF ANY CAR, TRUCK or SUV ON THE ROAD IN AMERICA. I have owned 5 (Classic, County, LWB County and 2 4.6s) Range Rovers. I started with the first year that LRNA imported them. In that time only one (LWB County) has been relatively problem free. I now have a 2000 4.6. This is the LAST time. At $67K it's a total joke. Next SUV for me is a Lexus LX 470 or BMW X5.
FIVE RANGE ROVERS! ···· Yes, you may call me Mr. Stupid.