Comment One

Always bear in mind the one thing that Land Rover and the dealers seem to have forgotten. We are the customers, we pay them, if we are not happy then we do not pay them. There are many other makers and dealers who would be more than happy to take our money, some of them might even give you a car that works and might treat you as a customer should be treated.

Comment Two

I also have a Discovery II V8 automatic.
You have noisy ACE pipes. I've got a noisy power steering system that groans and vibrates when turning the wheel right with the car standing still, for example when squeezing into a parking space. I have protested to Land Rover, who instructed my dealer to change the steering box. The fix didn't work, this being a result of a design fault involving the associated pipework rather than any failing on the part of the garage, who said from the outset (correctly) that a new steering box wouldn't help.
Get this: Land Rover has made a car, which they expect people to pay up to £35,000 for, and it is seriously flawed in this very obvious way. How many Range Rovers and Discoverys have they made over the years? How many supposedly famous and brilliant 'engineers' do they have working for them?
My automatic 'box behaves very strangely, and changes up too early. I think there is a lock-up clutch that works in third and top gears. If the car is accelerated moderately up a long, slight to moderate hill, the clutch cuts in, dropping the revs to a ridiculous 1500rpm. The only remedy is a fuel gulping kick-down. The shift quality itself, however, is very good.
Just to finish off, I might add that I'm also constantly battling against truly diabolical build quality. This Series II car is every bit as bad as my previous '95M example. Aren't they supposed to be better? The latest thing is that the external sunroof trim surrounds are lifting from the roof.
Is Land Rover ever going to make a car that works as it should and is built properly? As much as it saddens me to say, this is definitely my last Land Rover. I am getting a Toyota next.

Comment Three

Yeah it's sad but true the build quality is dreadful. My 1982 Range Rover is better put together than a new one!

Comment Four

Hmmm, I think your right. Land Rover would save millions by simply building things well in the first place and also by stopping production with any known problem until sorted. Not only would the saving be made in warranty claims but they would I believe be truly shocked at just how many vehicles they would sell.