I purchased a 1 year old 30000km Landrover Defender 110 TDI from Lakeview landrover in Pretoria with 2 years warrantee.

All went well till about when the problems started. I was told to bring in the Landover to get the standard Landover oil leaks rectified before the warrantee expired. To my shock I received a bill for the work a year after the work was done. On further investigation the 1 year old landrover was actually 1,5 years old when I purchased it. Both Centurion Landover, who told me to bring in the vehicle for repairs and who rectified some of the oil leaks, and I were fooled by Lakeview into believing the warrantee was valid - we both went according to the info given in the service book. After numerous telephone calls to the Land rover Lack of Client Service and faxes to Moira Moses, CEO of Land Rover, I was told that LR could not rectify past wrongs and I must pay. Not even a letter to Moira Moses helped because she is obviously shielded from the poor service received from LR agents and was not even prepared to sign responses to me. ( I had chatted to Moira Moses on the plane to Kimberly about the unreliability of LR but that did not even help. She had someone contact me - this person was not interested in my problems) This was an indication to me that LR South Africa condones such behavior. So if you are thinking of purchasing a Land Rover - beware.

The Dealer Principle at Pretoria Land Rover who was the sales manager at Lake View at the time I purchased the vehicle was not prepared to assist me either. This was after LR South Africa sent me an e-mail copied to all involved stating that the dealers should look after the clients.

An interview with Moira Moses was also refused. I assume that must be because if she had to see everyone with problems she would not have time for anything else.

In addition to the above I had the following problems from 80000 till 125000km.

1. More oil leaks

2. Replaced Shocks

3. Clutch

4. In total 7 continental tires cracked, one after only 3000km, and were replaced by Continental free of charge after I told them they were putting my family at risk. This problem started from about 50000km.

5. Bearings in the transfer box

6. Radiator

7. Alternator

8. Aircom

9. Power steering pump - friends of mine with a TD5 had the same problem.

As you can see the items which failed are all costly and totally unacceptable for a vehicle with so few km's.

I have now reached the point where I realize that the LR jokes are not jokes but fact.

Why do LR owners always walk with a stoop?

Because they are always looking into the bonnet trying to find the problem and get it going again.