Having come across your website and being a Land Rover Discovery owner
myself I felt compelled to send you this message.

On coming across your site I initially felt cynical and suspected that this
was just another Land Rover knocking site but having read your story I now
feel a great deal of sympathy for your plight.

The fact that Land Rover still haven't sorted out their quality control
problems doesn't surprise me, I've driven Land Rovers for years and have
become immune to the defects that others refuse to accept. What saddens me
is the total lack of respect for their customer shown in this case. The way
you have been treated, by both LRSA and Land Rover International, is
inexcusable. Not only do I feel sorry for you, but as Land Rover apologist
of some years I feel personally let down by the current management team of a
company I have a great deal of affection for.

Unfortunately, a contempt for customers is very obvious amongst UK Land
Rover dealers. They do not come across as 'Land Rover people' but rather as
spivs, whose main concern is the bottom line. This is the main reason for my
using independent Land Rover specialists for my servicing requirements.

It's unfortunate that this apology comes from myself and not from an
official representative of the company but I can only wish you the best of
luck and, from someone who drives a Discovery that has 170,000 miles on the
clock and has yet to suffer a serious breakdown (or a trivial one for that
matter), hope that you receive some form of recompense from Land Rover.